Save the Orangutans

Pack & Leaf supports the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation, who rescue and rehabilitate endangered orangutan orphans in Indonesia. Only 54,000 orangutans are left in the wild due to deforestation, the rapid expansion of palm oil plantations and the illegal pet trade.

Rehabilitation can take up to seven years. Dedicated teams help to provide the skills for these orphans that they would have normally gained from their mothers. Each day is spent in the forest, learning new skills, such as building nests, selecting appropriate foods and recognizing predators. Then the orphan orangutans are released into the wild on land purchased by the BOS Foundation for the release program.


Pack & Leaf has adopted Jelapat, who was rescued at 1.5 years of age. Forest fires had devastated the area and Jelapat’s mother is believed to have perished in the fires or killed intentionally, as no orangutan mother would abandon her baby. A resident took the baby orangutan home, and Jelapat was kept in a small cage on the side of a busy road, dressed in baby clothing and given leftover rice dishes to eat. It must have been a terrifying experience for him. 

Jelapat was taken to Nyaru Menteng, where he is undergoing a lengthy rehabilitation process to learn the survival skills he would have gained naturally from his mother in the wild. He is now 4 years of age and he attends Forest School, Group 2 with his good friend Talaken. His forest skills are developing, and his natural curiosity is helping him to gain experience trying new things. 

Jelapat is featured in the docu-series Orangutan Jungle School, available to stream on the Smithsonian Channel. 



We are grateful to be able to support Jelapat through his rehabilitation journey. You can help too - all donations, big or small, make a huge impact on saving orangutan lives. 


Help stop one of our closest relatives from becoming extinct.