How to Store Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

In your bathroom: 

Keep your bars dry between washes by sitting them in a soap rack or soap lift, on a dry face cloth, or in a breathable soap bag. Don't leave them on a wet surface - make sure you have drainage underneath for excess moisture. It’s best to keep your bars out of the shower to give them a proper chance to dry, especially if you live in a house with flatmates or kids!

While travelling: 

Make sure the bars are thoroughly dry before you put them in your travel tins. Air dry your shampoo and conditioner bars well or pat them dry with a towel.
#1 Pro Tip: Remove the lid from your travel tin and use 2 x rubber bands around the tin to form a cross, which will act as a rack for your shampoo bar to air dry!

Take your travel tins with you wherever you go: to the gym, camping, or on vacation. Liquid free means you can take them on the plane in your carry on!