"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Kids"

Blog 17 "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Kids"

“Children are our future… and the Planets”

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, and if you want to do something great for the environment, one of the best ways to do this is to start teaching the kids the ways to protect the environment, starting with the 3R— Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and what it means to the conservation of our planet.

Don’t ever think even for just a second that though through their young minds, children can’t do anything to help protect our planet. No, they are more than that. And they can do more than we think. But it’s also up to us as adults to teach the kids and to get them to understand the importance of caring for the environment. 

There are a lot of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle that we can do with kids— at home, at school, or outside in nature. From simple proper water conservation to outdoor eco-friendly activities for kids. And the list of the things you can reduce, reuse and recycle goes on. Make it fun!

Here are a few things that can be reduced, reused, and recycled. Let’s start with the things you can reduce.

3 Ways You Can Reduce With Kids

Now, amongst the 3R, ‘Reduce’ is not necessarily the easiest one. But it sure is a good way to start. It means, reducing the amount of waste you produce in your everyday life wherever you go. From liquid and solid waste to hazardous waste.

Here are the three things that are in utmost need of reduction and tips on how we can reduce them with the kids. 

  1. Waste

By cutting down on our and the kids’ waste consumption like plastic waste, food waste, and paper, we can protect the environment. For example, replacing single-use plastics with eco-friendly alternatives instead. Or when doing groceries with your kids, buy products with less packaging and tell them why it is important to the environment. Teach the kids the proper composting in your compost pit at home as well.

  1. Water Usage

It’s crucial for the kids to learn as early as now why it is important to save water. There are some simpler and easier methods of water conservation that you and the kids can do at home. But it’s also best that they apply this knowledge everywhere they go, not just at home.

  1. Energy Consumption

Remind the kids to always turn off the lights when they leave the room as well as the TV, or other appliances when they stop using them. It would also be good for them to spend more time in nature doing eco-friendly activities for kids rather than staying at home and using gadgets.

Now, let’s head to the second R, ‘Reuse”.

3 Things You Can Reuse For Your Kids

Reuse durable items or materials in their original form instead of throwing them away. And when you decide that you want to replace them, you can pass or donate them to others who could use them too. 

  1. Packed Lunch

When packing your kids’ lunch for school, avoid using disposable containers like plastic wraps and disposable baggies. Instead, use reusable lunch boxes and reusable water containers to go with it. Put them in a reusable or eco-friendly bag. 

  1. School Supplies

It is not necessary to always buy new school supplies for the kids every year... Like pencils, notebooks, papers, erasers, that are still good to use. Donate some of the old but still good to use materials that your kids no longer need to a charitable outlet. They can even turn materials that are ready to be tossed in the trash like old broken crayons into something that they can reuse by melting them in molds. After all, broken crayons can still color.

  1. Repair Toys and Other Durable Goods

When it comes to toys, repairing them (if possible) if they break is better than buying new ones. Like a bicycle for example, or a washer, or dryers, and such. 

Now to the last R which is ‘Recycle’, which means turning stuff that may well be thrown away into crafts that can be made use of. Here are a few examples of creative recycling ideas for kids:

3 Things You Can Get Creative And Recycle With The Kids

Don’t throw away things that can be recycled! This is a great and entertaining way to enhance your kids’ creativity and imagination — at home or at school! 

  1. Cardboard Boxes

There are a lot of fun crafts you can make with your kids using cardboard boxes. Like a DIY cubby house, or maybe some cardboard puzzles and maze, or maybe some cardboard Halloween costumes. Or maybe a cardboard foosball with some wooden clothespin. Really, let your kids’ imagination run wild!

  1. Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper is probably the most common item in every household. And where does every single roll go when they are empty? You’re right. At landfills. But we can do something about it. Try different toilet paper roll animals, for example. Or your kids’ favorite cartoon characters. Maybe even a train set. 

  1. Glass Bottles and Jars

Instead of throwing away these glass bottles and jars that you have no use for anymore, try to upcycle them with your kids into some decorative items. Let them paint on it, draw some characters. Or maybe some pretty sand art. You can even turn it into something that they can use like a pencil holder, liquid soap dispenser, or a spray bottle (just add a spray nozzle).

Arts and crafts aside, it’s best to teach your kids good practices of segregation of waste. Like which goes into a biodegradable bin, which one goes to the recyclable waste bin. If you’re not sure, you can ask your local recycling office.

Practicing these 3R — ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ project ideas for kids and instilling them into their young minds (or pupils, if you’re a teacher), is not only important to our environment and in saving our planet, but also it is a way to connect and bond with our kids. 

So go ahead, and take a minute to sit down with your kids and learn more about the ways to reduce, reuse and recycle so you and your kid can be key members in keeping the world a safe and healthy place.