How to Give Zero-waste Gifts This Coming Christmas 2020

This 2020 has brought a lot of changes to everyone’s life. A lot of changes happened all around the world. This coming Christmas we all want to feel like it is still the same way as before by sending gifts.

However, we still want to send the people we love something that is environment friendly. So today, we have listed down 20 gift ideas that you can send this Christmas that are zero-waste.

Every time it comes to buying a nice gift for someone, I tend to lose track that I’m trying to live a zero-waste life. Let's face it, buying an exceptional gift for the people we love is more difficult than climbing a mountain.It should be something special, nothing off the shelf. If possible, please let it be sustainable, too. Plastic-free? I have researched and put together a long list of unique zero-waste, plastic-free items that you’ll adore. If you're looking for a special gift for Christmas, don't look further. Here's my ultimate guide to plastic-free gift ideas.

  1. Unpaper towel

I know. The greatest lesson that this pandemic has taught me is the scarcity we have of paper towels. The truth is, we can avoid these situations by using reusables. Sounds frugal and fun!

I am never a fan of paper towels. In fact, I don’t have one in my household (just thinking about the amount of trash it will bring makes me cringe) However, I can never avoid the fact that I need one from time to time so these unpaper towels come in handy whenever I need one from time to time. I also keep a couple in different places like my car, my office (temporarily home office) and it always saves me the hassle and money.

  1. Audible Membership or Netflix or Digital Magazine Subscription

With all the stress going on everywhere, we all deserve a break. A good way to relax is by watching inspirational movies or a series or reading something that will be inspiring.

This is also helpful especially to those people who are experiencing anxiety or depression. It helps them find a way out of their misery by watching movies. It allows them to pause, shift focus, and take a much needed mental break.*

  1. Home-made Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are expensive when you buy them in department stores or spas. However, you can just make them at home and make them eco-friendly.

Sugar scrubs are used to moisturize, exfoliate, and take off that dead skin cells. 

Spa day at home is also a great way to relax and bond.

Here’s what you need to make a sugar scrub :

1 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup oil (olive oil or coconut oil)

Essential oil of your choice (optional)

Mason jar with cover

How to do it :

Mix all ingredients and put it in a mason jar. 

Simple and easy gift idea.


  1. Online lesson (guitar, piano, etc.)

The best gift especially to kids or even teens is an “exciting” online lesson. When I say exciting this means these are lessons they want to learn that can serve as their extra-curricular activity.

School has been stressful lately too because of so many changes being implemented so giving kids an outlet is one good way to help them out.

  1. Money

Anyone gifted money is well...happy. But since there is this virus going on and sometimes it stays on surfaces like money, what we can give instead are gift cards or just transfer funds. Saves you time and keeps you safe.

  1. Crocheted Mittens, Scarf, or Blanket

We have so much time staying home because of the pandemic. So during our free time, we can try making hand woven gifts. A simple yet affordable way to show appreciation to our loved ones.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle or Coffee Cup

Water bottles are necessary these days. Keeping one is a must especially if you’re trying to live a zero-waste life. In fact, these are my favorite gift items to give because it does not only help others live a zero-waste life but also it helps them save money by not purchasing bottled water.  

  1. Washable face mask

Everyone is using a face mask. How many people do we have again? 331,002,651 people. That is the U.S alone. Not the entire world. I don’t want to compute how many people we have and how many face masks we have used and disposed of and I don’t want to wonder anymore where “some” of them might go. So let’s lessen the use of face masks by using washable ones that are eco-friendly and saving you money.*

  1. Plants or seeds

So since I mentioned we have so much time with this pandemic going on, one of the best gifts to give is plants or better yet seeds. Gardening is a good place to refocus our energy. We can even start a zero-waste kitchen.  

You don’t need a huge backyard to start gardening. Hanging plants reusing those plastic bottles save a lot of space. For detailed ideas about this, check out this link here. 

  1. Coffee scrub

 Coffee scrubs can be a good gift idea too this coming Christmas. This is even eco-friendly because the coffee grounds we will be using are old coffee grounds.

 What you will need :

1 cup, used coffee grounds

1 cup sugar or salt

½ cup of coconut oil

Clean mason jar

 All you have to do is mix them together and fill your repurposed jar and you now have a homemade exfoliator ready to give away this coming Christmas!

  1.  Reusable Utensil Set

Reusable utensils are applicable as a gift to everyone because as we all know...we all eat! We can’t avoid eating out sometimes and fast-food chains often don’t offer environment-friendly utensils. They’re using paper with the burger and fries but I haven’t seen one that is using eco-friendly products for their utensils.

One way to help yourself and others have a zero-waste life is by gifting this to them.

  1. Zero waste grooming kit from Pack & Leaf 

Pack & Leaf’s shampoo and conditioner bars come in tins that you can even reuse next Christmas. Their natural deodorant sets come in compostable packaging and all of their products are environment friendly (plus they smell amazing).

They make sure that their products are good for you and good for the environment too. If you know someone who wants to start their zero-waste journey or someone who is living a plastic-free life, Pack & Leaf’s products are a great gift choice. 

Let’s start a domino effect with zero-waste gift-giving this holiday season.