Eco Tips For A Sustainable Halloween

Eco Tips For A Sustainable Halloween

Halloween is just right around the corner. And that means roars of “Trick or Treat” filling the neighborhood, spooky festive decorations adorning the houses, great food, sweets, wild parties, creepy Halloween costumes… a festive holiday celebration.

However, the scariest part isn’t the scary movies, or the haunted houses, or the creepy costumes; not the Halloween itself, but what comes after (to stay for up to 500 years). The real fright is the amount of candy wrappers scattered around the streets. The disposable plastic costumes and decorations that are thrown away after and disregarded, ending up in the landfills. And to be honest, if you think about it, it’s almost like throwing your hard-earned money away!

With that said, there are also quite a few ways to celebrate not only a plastic-free Halloween but a sustainable Halloween in general. From environmentally friendly Halloween decorations to sustainable Halloween treats, you can definitely enjoy your eco-friendly Halloween party! 

So for a happier and more sustainable celebration this year, here are some eco-friendly tips for Halloween.  It’s time to bring the true spooky and fun spirit of this holiday without spooking the planet. 


There are several ways to have your own environmentally friendly Halloween decorations. Here’s some sustainable tips of what you can do:

  • Get pumpkins from your local farms. That way, you can minimize emissions and find the perfect gourd. It’s a win-win! And make the most of your pumpkin. Use the pumpkin flesh in your dish and roast the seeds, later on, so make sure to save them! 

  • If you prefer not to use a real pumpkin, you can just try knitting or crocheting your own. This way, you can keep it after and then bring it out for the next few years.

  • Reuse decorations from last year.

  • Recycle as much as you can. Try recycling your old stockings into spider webbing. Or maybe make one from a black yarn. If you have empty milk jars, you can turn those into lanterns.

  • After the party is over, make sure to store your decorations and keep them for next year. Compost all organic matter properly.


Halloween is all about fun and festivity. So how about making your own (and the kids too!) eco-friendly Halloween costumes? It’s fun and cost-efficient! Here’s a few sustainable tips of what you can do:

  • Recycle your old clothes that can be made into good pieces or parts, such as worn t-shirts, pants, or shorts. Put your (and your kids’) creativity to work!

  • If you really need to, you can shop from thrift stores, yard sales, and such.

  • For trick or treat bags, instead of giving your kids some plastic bags or those plastic trick-or-treat buckets, why not try and make one? A pillowcase, a paper bag, tote, drawstring bag, really anything that can hold candies are fine! You can even get extra crafty and paint on plain totes for decoration and reuse them for the next few years!

  • Hosting a costume swap within a group of friends (or parents) so you can use previously worn costumes to good use is also a great idea! 


When it comes to Halloween, treats are a must. After all, that is what Trick or Treat is about. We don't want to give kids just anything, right? Here are some tips and alternative options for a more sustainable Halloween treats:

  • Fruits. There are those that don’t need plastic packagings like apples, mini oranges, bananas, and more. Plus, they will be better for the kids’ health.
  • Popcorn
  • Granola bars
  • Home-baked treats

Kids (even adults) love sweets, and here are a few options for environmentally friendly sweets:

  • Vegan candies
  • Organic Lollipops
  • Palm oil-free sweets like chocolates, biscuits, cookies, etc. (palm oil plantations are a huge threat to orangutans). If you check the labels, look out for “palm oil” like Palm oil, palm kernel oil, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, etc. Avoid them. There are palm oil-free treats that you can get from brands like Hershey’s (bars, kisses, nuggets), M&M’s, and more. If you can look up the internet before shopping for treats, it would be nice. They suggest some environmentally friendly sweets like palm oil-free Halloween treats.

Halloween Party

If you love ‘dressing’ your house and inviting your friends over, here are some sustainable Halloween tips for a bomb, and eco-friendly Halloween party!

  • Skip the disposable plastic cups, straws, plates, and cutlery! Use reusable kitchenware and utensils instead. There are many eco-friendly alternatives for them.

  • E-vites are in these days, so maybe try that, instead of the actual invites. That way, you can reduce waste.

  • Set out a recycling bin for the recyclables, and a food bin for food waste so you can take care of them later on.

  • Plastic-free party games. There are a lot of fun games that both adults and children can do. 

  • Encourage a carpool among your visitors. Or even walk or ride a bicycle if possible.

Halloween may be about ghosts, monsters, zombies, and other creepy creatures, but who’s to say that it can’t be a festive and sustainable holiday? With nice planning and extra thought, it is definitely possible. Seek and follow these and more eco-friendly Halloween tips.

Moreover, for a worry-free holiday amidst the COVID-19, it can be safer to celebrate locally, in a setting where social distance can be maintained. Make sure to follow health guidelines and protocols too!

Here’s to a safe and sustainable Halloween this 2021!