5 Eco Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts & Save the Trees

One of many ways to save trees from being cut down is by using less paper.


Since the holidays are just around the corner (a.k.a. the season where people are giving gifts left and right), here’s some eco- friendly ways to wrap gifts so we can have a more sustainable celebration and help save the trees.


Holiday seasons are truly festive. I mean, there’s Advent, there’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, all in the same season, how much more festive could it get, right?


Houses adorned with decors, streets full of lights, and of course, gifts.


If there’s one thing that I think we can all agree that both children and adults alike look forward to, something that adds excitement, happiness, and just overall spreads the holiday cheer. It’s the exchanging of gifts. 


Sadly, it also means piles and piles of gift wrappers everywhere. Which end up in the landfills. Use the tips in this eco-friendly gift wrapping tips and ideas to cut down your environmental impact this year. 

5 Eco Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts


Most gift wrappers are made of materials that can’t be recycled, especially those shiny and glitter- encrusted paper that cannot be recycled and are considered microplastics that are adding impact on the environment. Here’s a few eco- friendly gift wrap alternatives to help save the trees.

1. Recycle. Be resourceful.

Don’t buy any more gift wrap supplies unless you have to. Instead, you can make your own recycled holiday gift wrap. 


Look around your house and find materials that you can use, old newspapers, cardboard boxes and the like. 


Try these:

  • Used shopping bags
  • Old newspaper
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Maybe some old clothes that you can turn into ribbons (cut in strips)
  • Household items like jars, and such


Once you start looking at material as potential gift wrapping aids, the possibilities are many. 


2. Reuse what you can.

Reusable gift wraps are always a YES. Consider putting your gift in a reusable bag like a tote bag, a shopping bag, eco- friendly gift bags, and the like. Not only can you help save the trees by buying and using less paper, but also save your money, and the recipient’s. A win- win. And really, it’s just a great sustainable gift wrapping option.


Here’s a few more reusable gift wraps:

  • Reusable gift boxes
  • Glass jars
  • Fabric wrap


Tip: If you received a gift wrapped in something that you think can be reused, store it for safekeeping to use for your next present.


3. Not wrapping it at all.

You could never go wrong with something simple. 


And honestly, sometimes, simple is all you need. You don’t need overly and exaggerated decorations. Less unnecessary decor, less waste. So maybe you want to consider not wrapping it at all. That works just as fine if not better.


Just tie it up with a ribbon or some compostable twine, then it’s good to go.

4. Furoshiki. 


Instead of paper, use fabric instead. 


Scarves, shawls, pocket squares, or handkerchieves. You can use them to wrap your present using the Furoshiki wrapping method. Now you have an eco- friendly gift wrapping to save the trees, plus a bonus second gift!


5. Eco- friendly gift wrap alternatives.

Here are some sustainable gift wrapping options that you can do or use instead of the common wrapping paper and tape:


  • Kraft paper. They are biodegradable and recyclable. Let your creativity run and decorate them however you like. Tip: They would look good with some natural materials like pinecones, and dried plants.
  • Biodegradable tape. 
  • Even better, ditch the tape. There are a few folding tricks that you can learn (like this one). Or tie your gifts with compostable twine, or some old clothes that you don’t use anymore and upcycle them into ribbons.
  • Reusable tote bags.


Trees are important to keep this world and all that’s living in it. From the food we eat, to providing home to a vast variety of plants and animals, and to providing us with oxygen and ensuring that the Earth’s temperature is liveable for all life on Earth. You name it, the trees and forests provide.


What can we do to return the favour? Save them.




One, you could start minding the amount of paper you’re using and wasting. Two, you could support organizations that preserve and promote trees and forest conservation like The Nature Conservancy. And three, plant trees in your backyard, or participate in tree planting programs and activities. 


These are the ways to save trees.