10 Ways To Reduce Waste While Traveling This Summer Traveling is fun. It is educational. It gives plenty of benefits—to travelers as well as to the global economy.

10 Ways To Reduce Waste While Traveling This Summer

Traveling is fun. It is educational. It gives plenty of benefits—to travelers as well as to the global economy. 

Sustaining a high level of income and employment, tourism has been known to be one of the most noticeable sectors that brings a great contribution in boosting a nation’s economy. But with the growing tourist population comes also an alarming increase in the quantity of global waste consumption.

And as those who enjoy their leisure time traveling, we have the responsibility and control to adopt more sustainable travel and reduce our waste trail to a minimum. So how can we do that? 

Since summer is here, you’re probably already planning to go on a well deserved vacation. And what better way to travel than to do so responsibly to help save the planet. One way to do that is to reduce waste on your journey.

There are plenty of ways to reduce waste while traveling. But before that, let’s take a look at the most common waste tourism generates and how it affects the environment. 

Waste pollution from traveling and how it can affect the environment.

While traveling is fun and all, it also generates a great amount of waste. But how does waste pollution affect the environment? 

You’re packing your bags as lightly as possible, it surely is convenient to just bring disposable items like travel size bottles of shampoo, body wash, and plastic toothbrushes. 

Road trips are fun, bring the car! You’ve been driving for hours, feeling thirsty, and you buy some bottled water. You get food to go, which comes with plastic packaging, cutlery and bags.

And amidst all the fun and convenience, what we don’t realize is what impact we are having on the environment. 

The most common waste we leave is —not surprisingly, plastics. Plastics are everywhere. While they can be convenient to use, the impact they leave on the environment is massive. Leaving trails of waste everywhere you go not only makes the destinations and scenery less desirable, it can also affect the health of the locals and other tourists. Litter along beaches can easily reach the oceans and ultimately harm marine life.

Aside from plastics, even the most common and essential to traveling such as cars, planes and other travel activities can also damage the environment as they generate carbon emissions that play a big part in contributing to global climate change.

And that is why it is extremely important to learn how to reduce waste while traveling this summer.

Here is how you can reduce waste consumption while still enjoying your vacation this summer.

10 Ways To Reduce Waste While Traveling This Summer

  • Bring your own reusable food containers and utensils.

  • One small but impactful way to be an eco-tourist is to bring your own reusable containers like aluminum water bottles, to-go containers and utensils. A lot of single use plastics come from to-go food packaging like disposable cups, spoons and forks, plates and water bottles. 

  • Always say “No, thanks!” to plastic straws.

  • Aside from food packaging, straws are also one most common single use plastics and are a major threat to animals. So it’s better to use (bring your own) reusable straws or if possible, don’t use one at all.

  • Use zero-waste travel toiletries.

  • Instead of bringing travel size toiletries and throwing them away every time you travel, or using the ones provided in your hotel, you can just use refillable bottles of shampoos, body wash and lotions. Or better yet, you can purchase zero-waste and eco-friendly shampoo bars, soaps, and deodorants which are solid and bottleless.

    For a toothbrush, it’s better to use a bamboo or wooden one.

  • Pack some totes.

  • Shopping is one of the most exciting parts of visiting a new city. However, not many shops offer eco-friendly bags to pack purchased items with. So it’s recommended to bring your own tote bags, instead. They are light and easy to pack anyway.

  • Skip to-go packaging, dine in instead.

  • If you’re a coffee lover, you probably don’t want to miss a chance to try out the appealing coffee cafe down the street. So take your time to enjoy your coffee in a reusable mug and skip the to-go cup. Same with restaurants, instead of ordering take outs, dine in instead. Less takeout means less disposable utensils and plates. 

  • Visit eco-friendly restaurants.

  • Try to find eco-friendly and zero-waste restaurants, those that compost their excess waste. 

  • Leave your car.

  • Try not to take your car everywhere you go. Some destinations are not too far apart, so walking (if possible) or renting bicycles if you can’t bring your own could be better— both for you and the environment. Alternatively, opt for public transportation instead.

  • Be conscious of waste.

  • Mind your waste consumption. If you need to bring anything along to your trip that might need to be disposed of, choose items with compostable or sustainable packaging. Find reusable alternatives. And always, be careful to pick up after yourself wherever you go. It’s heartbreaking to see how much trash is left lying around by tourists - make sure you take your trash with you or make use of proper bins and recycle as much as possible.

  • Go paperless.

  • Loads of paper can be saved and waste can be reduced by not printing plane tickets, event tickets and such. Some platforms offer downloadable codes that can be scanned upon entry.

  • Shop ethically.

  • If you desire to have a little shopping on your travels, the best way to reduce waste is to support ethical and sustainable stores. Avoid shops that produce tons of waste and go for local shops that sell eco-friendly products and reduce their plastic use. That way, you can help support the community and the planet.

    These are some ways you can reduce waste while traveling and enjoying your vacation this summer. Traveling can be so exciting that it’s easy to forget about the impact the waste we leave behind has on the environment.

    But it’s not too late to practice traveling responsibly and sustainably. You can start with supporting and purchasing zero-waste travel products, like Pack & Leaf Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Travel Sets. 

    Enjoy your vacation this summer while doing your part to help save the planet.